Bodywork Offerings

It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.

~Charles Darwin

A Body Transformed is an independent bodywork environment at the same location as, and closely affiliated with, ABT Yoga.  All of the following bodywork is offered at A Body Transformed.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can be received at both ABT Yoga and A Body Transformed.

At A Body Transformed, we seek to impart kindness, or “metta” as the Buddhists call it, in the the form of holistic bodywork.  Through much informed and practical training and years of compassionate practice, we serve our clients with a variety of whole-body treatments.  We welcome our clients with enthusiasm, as well as practical knowledge and experience, to assist their progress in achieving optimum health and resilience through the application of the following modalities:

Therapeutic Massage

Soothing, relaxing massage incorporating Swedish and deep tissue techniques.  Some muscle release work with range of motion and stretching are included as needed.  Dovetails beautifully with Polarity for a deeply relaxing and holistic session.  Targeted Hot Stone or a Hand Paraffin Treatment is offered a la carte for an additional charge of $20.

60 minutes/$90   75 minutes/$100   90 minutes/$115

Polarity Therapy

A deeply relaxing therapeutic session that uses directed touch and intestion to work with the fundamental energies of life to bring these energies into a state of balance and free flow throughout the entire human energy field.  Can be easily combined with Therapeutic Massage and Thai Yoga Massage.

60 minutes/$90   75 minutes/$100   100 minutes/$115

Hot Stone Massage

An age old technique that uses the weight and penetrating heat of warmed stones.  Hot Stone Massage takes relaxation and release of muscle tension to a whole new level.

1 hour 20 minutes/$132

Thai Yoga Massage

Taking place on a floor mat with the recipient clothed in loose, comfortable clothing, the practitioner works with the client using gravity, breath and directed touch to create a harmonious, therapeutic “dance” that imparts physical vibrancy, grace and spiritual energy.

1 hour 20 minutes/$115

On-site Chair Massage

Seated in an ergonomically supportive professional massage chair and fully clothed, the client receives a 10-15 minute relaxing massage of the neck, back, shoulders and arms.  A great stress-buster and morale boost for the corporate environment or a creative addition to a house party.

Per hour – $90, 2 hour minimum.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a client-centered yoga therapy that combines touch, assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogues to focus on the body’s inner wisdom.  This process facilitates release of physical and emotional tensions, allowing personal growth and healing.

90 minutes/$115, or 6 sessions for $575 (a savings of $115)

Transformational Journey Package

6 months Unlimited Class Membership, and 6 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions for $935